My Final Major Project is about finding a solution to my practice, finding my own voice and content that would proudly represent my artistic identity. The first question I had to answer in order to start this journey was :


 I am not very good at explaining things I though I could apply little visual diagram to help me with self 
clarification . 

In order to answer the question I decided to go back to my roots and inspiration and find the reasons why I started doing art in the first place . That brought me to the art of European folks. I looked at the things I grew up with and it made me realised that folk and naive art is where it all begun ,also fairy tales and old moral stories  passed from one to another. Much influence I got from my creative grandparents who shared a great  passion for a decorative craft. 

Ever since I was little I was encourage to create something out out of nothing. I think it is important to remember those first steps of building new worlds using sand on the beach, sticks in forest or Lego blocks from Santa. Going back to those memories helped me to establish my background and create a perfect base for my future construction. 

In terms of content there is only one thing I want to do and it is to share Love and goodness of life that I experience everyday. I do not see anything more powerful or exciting in life than phenomena of love.
I strongly believe its force will help me to lift my drawings from the pages and shift them straight to people hearts. At the end of the day that is the purpose of my art. 

There is enough sadness, struggle and misery out there I want to bring beauty, happiness and loveliness to my audiences. 


How I am planning to do so .. well is a great mission to find this individual voice inside, unique style and language that will clearly communicate my objectives. The process of development and changes in art seems  constant and it is happening everyday. I don't think it could ever stop, it is evolving matter just like everyone's life. 

I tried many different techniques and approaches in order to find a solution and establish characteristics I would like to be associated with.
Starting with life drawing, figurative drawing, painting,print making I moved to more digitalized applications such as computer arts and digital media. 

All that process of  media experimentation brought me to  the point where I realised it would be silly to carry on without categorization or clarification. Process of selection had to be applied in order to make everything clear and easy to choose from.

Much of decision was made once I decided on project I would like to do to complete my Final Major Project -The Book.

Once outlined and carefully planed in terms of format and product design I then moved to the matters of media, layout, character design, surroundings, colour palette, text and its style and identity. I took all those matter on board and started to draw. I tent to work straight from sketches so it was mostly about finding those precious elements and putting them together, guess composition was the biggest issues of all. 

Final Major Project has challenged every skill and knowledge I have gained during my education and  life in general. I was truly extreme process as I decided to do everything by hand and use of University equipment. 

The crucial ingredient to each project is to make sure it finds it place on the market. 
My Final Major Project was not only designed to answer questions about its identity in terms of style and content but also about its audience and potential market. 
Huge impact on the research development and portfolio creation  had a London Book Fair where I decided to go for more or less children's illustrations and young audiences.

From the feedback I got from art directors and interested people I understood that my art could find its market in much wider range then just a children`s books. I was advised to look at more independent and contemporary publishers, galleries and shops to extend its application. 
In the future I am planing to approach more underground market and open my own on-line shop with goodies available to any taste and age. 

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