Planing / Production

                                                            Process of Planing and Production
Once I was happy with my images, it was time to build a little house for them - zee BOOK

Planning the Plan

Once I finished with all the planing measurements and numbers I could back to more enjoyable part

Cover Design and Title
(the easiest part of project-instant idea, instant reaction)

Digital Version 

I tried it with different colours and positions in Photoshop before I moved to screen printing which process made it look beautiful:

Additional design for inside cover / logo 

Process of production

- handmade 
- in use of university facilities and equipment
(screen printing studio, computer room,  digital printers, binding machines, perforating machine, etc.)

 screen prints on cheery paper  

screen print on orange paper  

Final cutting to fit book measurements 

Organization of book pages 

(25 pieces)

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